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Wed May 10 09:46:54 EST 2000

This is a one-time message to announce a mailing list for BLAST news.
This list is intended for distribution of short messages announcing
updates and new features and to give advance notices about upcoming
changes in the NCBI BLAST service.

All postings to this list will come from the NCBI BLAST Help desk.

If you want to subscribe to this list please send a message with your
name and e-mail address to <blast-help at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov>.  If you do
not respond you will NOT be added to the list.  Please forward this
message to anyone interested in receiving BLAST News.


Below is an example of news that are supposed to be sent to this list.


*** May 01, 2000. Taxonomy BLAST

Tax BLAST is a new service which groups BLAST hits by source organism,
according to information in NCBI's Taxonomy database. The Tax BLAST
reports are generated based on the list of source organisms found in a
particular BLAST hitlist, and can be found  from the "Taxonomy reports"
link in the regular BLAST output page.  The Organism Report groups the
BLAST hits  according to the source organism of the target sequences -
all of the BLAST hits are shown. The Lineage Report shows a simplified
view of how closely each of the source organisms in the BLAST hitlist
are related to the species that showed the closest sequence similarity
to the query - only the best hit from each species is shown. The
Taxonomy Report summarizes everything that the NCBI Taxonomy database
has to say about the relationships between the source organisms in the
BLAST hitlist - none of the BLAST hits are shown in this report. There
is additional help available in the Taxonomy-BLAST Help web page:


*** May 01, 2000. Multiple hyperlinks for redundant sequences.

When searching the non-redundant protein databases, BLAST results now
show all the corresponding gi numbers for each alignment. This includes
all the redundant matches for the alignment with links to their full
database records. This will make it easier to identify all the protein
sequences in the databases which match a particular query even if there
are many representatives.

*** April 30, 2000. Compatibility BLAST pages.

The previous version of the BLAST webpages, as it existed on 04/30/00
will remain available till 06/30/2000 at the


The NCBI BLAST software group intends to move previous versions of
BLAST pages to this URL every time significant changes in BLAST
interface and output occur.

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