ncbi toolbox on Linux, build problems concerning blast.REAL

David Mathog mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu
Mon May 8 13:52:21 EST 2000

I'm trying to build the current NCBI toolbox on Linux/Alpha using the
Compaq C compiler. 

I removed (or thought so) all relevant sections from linux.ncbi.mk and
makedis.csh.  But when makedis.csh runs it chokes on blast.REAL, which
seems to require some bits of vibrant. 

In makenet.unx it says:

blast.REAL:	wwwblast.o salogif.o $(THREAD_OBJ)
	$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) wwwblast.o salogif.o $(THREAD_OBJ) -o blast.REAL -lvibgif $(LIB20) $(LIB23) $(LIB2) $(LIB1) $(OTHERLIBS) $(THREAD_OTHERLIBS)

but vibgif doesn't get built without vibrant, and LIB20 is libncbidesk.a, 
which won't be built without vibrant either.   The reason it's trying to 
build blast.REAL is because the no motif branch within makedis.csh

        set ALL_VIB=()
        set DEMO_VIB=()
        set NET_VIB=(VIB=\"blastcl3 blast.REAL\")

So what is "blast.REAL"?   Can it really be built without vibrant or no?


David Mathog
mathog at seqaxp.bio.caltech.edu
Manager, sequence analysis facility, biology division, Caltech 

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