Release Arlequin 2.000

Laurent Excoffier laurent.excoffier at anthro.unige.ch
Fri Mar 31 13:16:47 EST 2000

== ARLEQUIN  2.000

A new version of the software Arlequin for the analysis of
genetic data at the population level is now available on


What's new compared to version 1.1
1. Many bug corrections.
2. An entirely redesigned user interface written in Java.
3. New supported platforms (see below).
4. Result files in HTML.
5. Several new methods have been added (see below).
6. A new user manual (PDF)

Supported platforms
- Windows 9X/NT/2000
- MacOS/GX
- Linux/Intel

System requirements
32Mb RAM (the more the better)
20Mb Disk Space
JavaScript enabled Web Browser (e.g. Netscape 4.X, MS IE 4.X, 5.X)

Implemented methods

Intra-population level:

- Standard diversity indices
- Molecular diversity indices
- Estimation of demographic expansions
  from the mismatch distribution (EXTENDED)
- Haplotype frequency estimation
- Linkage disequilibrium test (exact and likelihood-ratio)
- Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (exact)
- Tajima's neutrality test (EXTENDED)
- Fu's FS neutrality test  (NEW)
- Ewens-Watterson neutrality test
- Chakraborty's amalgammation test
- Minimum Spanning Network (MSN) (NEW)

Inter-population level:

- Search for shared haplotypes between populations
- AMOVA on haplotypes
- Locus-by-locus AMOVA (NEW)
- Pairwise FSTs and associated genetic distances
- Nei's mean number of pairwise differences (NEW)
- Genetic distances between populations
  of unequal sizes (NEW)
- Exact test of population differentiation
- Assignment of genotypes to populations (NEW)
- Mantel test (NEW)

Arlequin development team
- Stefan Schneider
- David Roessli
- Laurent Excoffier

31 March 2000

Arlequin development team
Genetics and Biometry Lab, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Email: Arlequin at sc2a.unige.ch

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