2D placement program

Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen at helsinki.fi
Thu Mar 30 09:30:01 EST 2000

Crépineau Florent wrote:
> I am looking for a software that would take a distance matrice and do a
> 2D placement of the different points instead of a tree.
> Thank you for reading my message.

Do you mean multidimensional scaling? That is, do you want to get an
n-dimensional mapping of points so that the distances in the map
correspond to your distance matrix, as an alternative to a hierarchic
clustering (tree)? I am not quite sure about your desires. If you need
multidimensional scaling, check the nearest standard statistical package
(SAS, SPSS, S-plus, Statistica, Genstat...) or get R
(http://cran.r-project.org/) or KYST from the nearest netlib archive.
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