DNAStrider for the PC???

Francis Durst francis.durst at bota-ulpnospam.u-strasbg.fr
Sat Mar 25 10:35:46 EST 2000

>> I too took a look at DNAssist after reading this thread, and uninstalled 
it. >> 
>> There are already too many file formats, so programs that insist in working 
>> with their own format are not for me... I prefer Bioedit, by T. Hall, it does 
>> all that DNAstrider does and much more. Especially nice is that it
>provides an 
>> interface to programs running in DOS windows like the Phylip programs, 
>> Clustalw or Molphy.  And for a lot of simple things I stick with Esee, a DOS 
>> program by E. Cabot, powerful and simple.

>Is there a URL for this?

You may find Esee at  

and BioEdit at http://www4.ncsu.edu/unity/users/t/tahall2/pub/bioedit.html


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