DNAStrider for the PC???

Francis Durst francis.durst at bota-ulpnospam.u-strasbg.fr
Fri Mar 24 12:34:49 EST 2000

In article <38D9FAA6.BCC8CE5E at ucd.ie> Ruth.McMahon at ucd.ie (Ruth McMahon) writes:
>From: Ruth.McMahon at ucd.ie (Ruth McMahon)
>Subject: Re: DNAStrider for the PC???
>Date: 23 Mar 2000 11:08:11 -0000

>I tried the DNAssist program, but it seems to open all my files as protein, even
>if they are nucleotide designated files in fasta or GCG. It also doesn't seem to
>allow me to cut from any other editor into DNAssist. Has any one solved a



I too took a look at DNAssist after reading this thread, and uninstalled it. 

There are already too many file formats, so programs that insist in working 
with their own format are not for me... I prefer Bioedit, by T. Hall, it does 
all that DNAstrider does and much more. Especially nice is that it provides an 
interface to programs running in DOS windows like the Phylip programs, 
Clustalw or Molphy.  And for a lot of simple things I stick with Esee, a DOS 
program by E. Cabot, powerful and simple.

My 2 francs


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