Looking for PrimerMini

Tim Rostron trostron at molbiol.ox.ac.uk
Thu Mar 23 03:46:18 EST 2000

Hello everyone.
Due to a complete disaster, my computer has had to be reformatted, I'll
spare the details, but all my primer information was kept in a database
using PremierBiosofts' PrimerMini software. Before the reformatting, I
managed to save all the data and the program files, but didn't save the
.ini file. So now I have a completely useless program.  If anyone has
used this software, or even better, could send me a .ini file called 
I would be very grateful. I have been in contact with the company, but
they said that they discontinued the software about two years ago and
would I like to buy the latest version.  The latest version is OK, but
does not include a database function.
All comments on how to make this program work would be gratefully

Your etc
Tim Rostron

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