DNAStrider for the PC???

Dr. Greg Quinn greg at franklin.burnham-inst.org
Sun Mar 19 14:40:52 EST 2000

It looks very interesting; anyone have an idea how much it costs? The only 
info about this I can see on the site is a comparison with other packages
which suggests it's less than $1000/unit.

Win Hide (winhide at sanbi.ac.za) wrote:
: DNAssist
: Is almost exactly the same as Stryder in functionality, and usefully is
: easily downloadable. Find it at:
: http://www.dnassist.com/
: Hugh Patterson is one of the authors.
: Win Hide
: Director
: South African National Bioinformatics Institute.
: Joel Sevinsky wrote:
: > 
: > Hello All,
: > 
: > Anyone know of a good DNA analysis program for the PC that has all the
: > functionality and ease of DNAStrider on the Mac?  I have already looked at
: > GCK for the PC and it is a little too expensive and doesn't have all the
: > features of DNAStrider.  Thanks.
: > 
: > Joel Sevinsky

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