File Scanner Pro (V1.2)

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Fri Mar 17 16:14:17 EST 2000

Patrick Computer Services is proud to announce the availability of:

File Scanner Pro (V1.2)

It was released on February 16, 2000.

File Scanner Pro quickly scans a single or group of selected files for occurences of a specific text string. The text search string can contain the compounding characters "|", to OR search terms together, and "&" to AND search terms together. When a match is found, the program displays the filename and line number where the matching text was located, as well as, the matching line of text. This program is great for finding lines of source code, telephone numbers, names, addresses or anything else you store in text files. 


* Searches One or More Files At Once. 
* Allows For Compound "OR" and "AND" Type Searches. 
* Saves The Last 15 Searches For Quick Reuse. 
* Gves The Line Number And Filename Where Matches Are Found. 
* Displays Matching Line When Found. 
* Full Help File. 

Go to http://www.patrickservices.com/software/software.html to download or view screenshots of this application or any of the other fine releases from Patrick Computer Services.

Thanks for your time,

Mark Patrick
Patrick Computer Services
EMail:  info at pcserv.cjb.net
Software:  http://www.patrickservices.com/software/software.html
Homepage:  http://www.patrickservices.com

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