Blast Search Updater (BSU)

Chris Upton cupton at uvic.ca
Thu Mar 16 13:50:06 EST 2000

  I noticed that several people were asking about DBWatcher and thought
I'd mention something we're developing. We're looking for some brave souls
to give the software a test drive.

You use BSU to perform BLAST searches on multiple sequences at intervals
and it tells you if there's anything new in the hit-list since the last
time you ran the program.

BSU is a Perl script that runs BLAST searches on all sequences in the
"IN-DIRECTORY" and puts the result files in the "OUT-DIRECTORY". To do
this it calls BLAST-client3 and the searches are done at NCBI.

If there are old searches, then the results are compared and "difference"
files are created.

The input sequences, result files and difference files are made available
in a HTML table. The differences can be emailed to users.

At the moment we have this running on an SGI Octane IRIX 6.4. But it
should run on any UNIX box with Perl and Blast-client3 - well that's the

If someone is interested in trying it out, I'll get Matt Boone who's
developing this to put together a README etc.

  Chris Upton

University of Victoria
Dept Biochemistry and Microbiology
University of Victoria
Victoria BC

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