Internet Based Programmable Distributed Computer

letkeman letkeman at ms38.hinet.net
Wed Mar 15 11:15:43 EST 2000


I'm writing and implementing a protocol to provide application distribution
in a fault tolerant scalable and consistent manner across the internet.
Using wasted CPU cycles of home and office PC's my software will run
passively in the background of volunteers providing the super computer power
of SETI at Home but in a completely programmable and multi-tasking fashion.
Essentially it is a multi-threaded programmable OS running across millions
of computers.

Whether your a high-school wishing to demonstrate sophisticated fluid
mechanics to your students or a bio-tech lab wishing to fold the latest
protein or a world power restricted from access from super-computers, I
believe I have the distributed enterprise software for you. Check out my
home page at


Russell Letkeman

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