DbWatcher errors ?

Harry see at sig.for.address
Mon Mar 13 13:54:49 EST 2000

In article <38C82186.5C008636 at arl.arizona.edu_no_spam>, Nirav Merchant
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> Greetings,
>  Lately the dbwatcher program
> [http://www-igbmc.u-strasbg.fr/BioInfo/LocalDoc/DBWatcher/] has been
> complaining about blast2 services at NCBI.

NCBI discontinued old BLAST services (v1.4) 1 March 2000...


I believe dbwatcher uses blastcl2 libraries from the NCBI toolkit which
are no longer supported in this change. The authors seem to be somewhat
aware of this limitation:

(where it says _Important Notice_)


Harry <h3 at ucla.edu>

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