transmembrane prediction routines

Chris LaRosa clarosa at biocomp.unl.edu
Fri Jun 30 08:56:43 EST 2000

Nicolas Le Novere wrote:
> Chris LaRosa wrote:
> > > In my hands, the more reliable program was PHDhtm, see at
> > > http://www.embl-heidelberg.de/predictprotein/predictprotein.html
> > >
> >
> > I have run the Phd routines.  I dont get a report for any TMs in my
> > protein, although I do with others.   I understand that no report means
> > no TM regions predicted.... true??
> I do not understand what you mean by report. You normally get something
> like:

There report shows PhDsec lines... but nothing on PHDhtm lines,,, when I
use the advanced submission page to force the program only to run
PHDhtm, I do not get any report routed to my email address.   

I  tryed some proteins with known TM regions.   Then I got the PHD htm
lines ......

Buryed in the documents, I thought I read it said that if no
Transmembrane regions were found the default was not to send a report...
So I was asking if anyone can clarify if this is true.   Perhaps I
should send a not to the server support guys with this question.

Chris LaRosa,  half-baked membrane protein topologist

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