Anyone running BSU or DBWatcher on Linux?

Scott Givan sgivan at primus.ca
Sun Jun 18 01:36:30 EST 2000

I have some experience with BSU.  In order for BSU to properly set-up the
final index.html file, your sequence files should be of a certain format.
The files in your 'indir' must have the same name as what is present after
the '>' in the first line of the file (the files should be in FASTA format).
For example:


The above file should be called 'Gene1' in your 'indir'.  Once you get all
of the files in your 'indir' in this format, I think some of your problems
will be solved.


<nospam at nospam.net> wrote in message news:3947D680.E1D6A872 at nospam.net...
> Looking for help setting up either Blast Search Updater, or DBWatcher
> for remote database searching.  Both would be using blastcl3, which is
> working well on my system (Redhat 6.1).  Does anyone have these
> successfully installed on Linux?  BSU seems to be having trouble finding
> the results files in order to put them in it's final index.html output.
> DBWatcher has to be recompiled for use of blastcl3 on Linux, and I've
> run up against a brick wall with a cc make error.  Frederic Plewniak has
> been very helpful, but it's slow going.  Has anyone done this already?
> Thanks,
> Mike Holloway
> holloway-1 at medctr.osu.edu

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