Anyone running BSU or DBWatcher on Linux?

nospam at nospam.net nospam at nospam.net
Wed Jun 14 14:01:20 EST 2000

Looking for help setting up either Blast Search Updater, or DBWatcher
for remote database searching.  Both would be using blastcl3, which is
working well on my system (Redhat 6.1).  Does anyone have these
successfully installed on Linux?  BSU seems to be having trouble finding
the results files in order to put them in it's final index.html output.
DBWatcher has to be recompiled for use of blastcl3 on Linux, and I've
run up against a brick wall with a cc make error.  Frederic Plewniak has
been very helpful, but it's slow going.  Has anyone done this already?

Mike Holloway
holloway-1 at medctr.osu.edu

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