After Running Consed, geting a .seq file back with edit's.

snake13 at my-deja.com snake13 at my-deja.com
Wed Jun 14 09:50:02 EST 2000

I have been successfully running
Consed/phrap/phred, for quite a while, the
question I have came across, is how can I get a
.seq file that contains all the edits made in
consed.  I looked at the scripts that came with
consed and the one that looked like it had a
remote simularity was ace2Fasta, but that only
turns the Contigs into a .seq file, I want all the
shotgun pieces in it too, with the appropriate
	I didn't find anywhere in the documentation that
phrap is able to read the .wrk files.
	My goals is to be able to rerun phrap with edits
in consed.  Any suggestions would be
appriciated.   Thanks.

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