NetPrimer does not work???

Simon Andrews simon.andrews at bbsrc.ac.uk
Mon Jun 12 07:57:53 EST 2000

There may be a problem using Netprimer under some versions of Netscape. 
It will work, but is extremely slow.  On my machine the Netprimer applet
will load under IE4 in about 15 secs, but takes over 3 min using
Netscape 4.5.  This is from a local copy of the program so network
performance shouldn't be an issue.  Once it has loaded it works fine
under either browser.

PN wrote:
> Hi there,
> Does anybody know why NetPrimer (in
> http://www.PremierBiosoft.com/netprimer.html)
> does not work?
> Or does it work in somebody else's computer?
> In my case I think that Applet is running because there is a text in the
> window of Netscape saying "NetPrimerApplet running". The program allows
> me
> to type in a sequence and even the light in the analyze button turns on
> when
> I type the 10th letter. But when I click the analyze button nothing
> happens.
> Did I forget something very simple or is there something strange going
> on? I
> also tried it in another PC where I even updated Netscape to 4.73 and
> program still kept silence.
> Any ideas?

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