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>>I have a long bit of dna sequence, and I want a program that will search 
>>for specified restriction sites, and report to me the number and the size 
>>distribution of the fragments, anyone know of a sutable program?
>>I dont realy care where they are, I just want to know there distribution.

>Thanks for the replys so far, but I think the fact that the bit of dna I am 
>analysing is 350KB long is throwing these web based programs.

>Is there a PC Program that will do the same as these online tools?

There are several. You may try Generunner which is now free and is found at 
http://www.generunner.com/ if I remember well, in addition to displaying the 
usual restriction map + statistics of cutters and non-cutters,  it generates 
fragments from your choice of restriction enzymes.

All the best


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