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Tue Jun 6 15:31:22 EST 2000

Hi Jennifer,

Have a look at the Vector NTI Viewer (download for free at:
http://www.informaxinc.com/free/viewer.html). This viewer draws a
graphical representation of a sequence, with features (exons, introns,
restriction sites etc.) shown as arrows and boxes. The sequence and
features are drawn to scale. For further refinement it is possible to
import the map in CorelDraw as vector graphics. The viewer can load
EMBL-, FASTA-, and GenBank files. The features must have GenBank
format and can be produced with Sequin from NCBI for example (if you
plan a GenBank submission, you can use Sequin for the preparation of
your sequence too).

Good Luck,

On 6 Jun 2000 01:44:26 +0100, Jennifer_Pan at brown.edu wrote:

>Hi, I am looking for a free software which can help me making a map of a
>            exon1                                               exon2
>            |-----|                                                |---|
>et al
>where the linear sizes of the introns and exons are proportional to the
>actual bp length of the gene
>Does anyone know if such a software is available. It doesn;t seem to be
>so hard a task at all, I think.
>It might hide in some of the programs that I have looked at. Any input
>is appreciated.
>Jennifer Pan
>Jennifer_Pan at brown.edu

   Werner Wolz, PhD
   Institute of Human Genetics

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