Sequence analysis using Web Resources, SeWeR version 2.0

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Jun 6 02:17:05 EST 2000

Subject: Sequence analysis using Web Resources, SeWeR version 2.0

Dear Netters:

SeWeR has come to a stage of general use. And therefore this mail.

What is SeWeR?
SeWeR is an integrated portal of commonly used bioinformatics services on

What it offers?
It integrates all the services together seamlessly. Unlike other search
launchers it gives you all the options of a particular service and a
to customize each search for you.

Why is SeWeR novel?
# SeWeR is completely server independent. That means you can download SeWeR
and can run from your computer. It can even be hosted  on Intranet site.
# SeWeR is light-weight, the whole package is just ~200k. It can even run
from a floppy disk
# SeWeR is customizable. Each search can be customized by your choice. SeWeR
generates a page customized with your option already filled in.
# Bookmarklets: SeWeR offers two bookmarklets, one for PubMed and one for
GenBank accession retrieval. These becomes a part of your browser.

What are the requirements to use SeWeR?
Just Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 4 or higher. A Netscape 6 version is
underway. SeWeR runs on any platform, MAC/PC/Unix/Linux where a version 4
browser is available.

How do you use SeWeR?
You can use SeWeR on WWW by using any of the above mentioned sites.  Or you
can download SeWeR from


Download the archive. Unzip it. And start sewer.htm in your browser.

Other features...?
SeWeR gives you search facility to Bionetbook and links to other resources.
It is released under GNU general public license, it is free and can be used,
modified and hosted freely.
Umm... it's *GIF FREE*

What is the other requirement to use SeWeR?
Best wishes for me... :-)

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