Canonical reference to bio-program

Daniel Leonard leonard at datura.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Mon Jul 31 08:50:00 EST 2000

I have been reading the two threads about source availability and
licensing. One argument that came around often was the ability to change
the source and redistribute it.

One way to keep a canonical reference is to set up the source tree in a
site like sourceforge.net (do not want to do publicity, but this is the
only one I know of). The original author sets up the project and manages
it. If people find errors in the code (or created an amelioration), they
submit a patch.

Of course, anybody could copy the source and modify it. But if it is well
known that the canonical source is there (you get also a domain name),
well, so much for competition and/or stealing (who will you trust ?).

Hope that helps

Daniel L=E9onard

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