Unix vs Linux - the movie.

Johann Visagie johannN0SP4M at egenetics.com
Mon Jul 31 05:58:02 EST 2000

bortzmeyer at pasteur.fr (Stephane Bortzmeyer) wrote in <8lrpki$9rv$1
>Yes, the John S. J. Anderson/Richard P. Grant argument is good against
>completely closed software but there is still the issue of programs
>like Phylip or Clustalw, where you have source but not freedom (one
>more reason not to use the "open source" term). 

I feel I should point out that though "open source" is a vague term, "Open 
Source(tm)" isn't.  In fact, it has a very thorough definition:


A software distribution policy which provides the user with the source but 
not with freedom, is not Open Source.

-- V

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