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John S. J. Anderson jacobs+usenet at genehack.org
Thu Jul 27 23:26:03 EST 2000

>>>>> "Sean" == Sean Eddy <eddy at wol.wustl.edu> writes:

Sean> People have worked very hard to try to make sure that we get
Sean> open access to sequences and structure coordinates, for
Sean> instance, both of which (like source code) are examples of
Sean> results too voluminous to publish in a journal.

And (to continue flogging my pet dead equine) the reason for that is
that the conclusions of peer-reviewed papers are critically dependent
on sequences, coordinates, and code. Without access, peer review is
impaired. As you note, the ability to independently replicate
experiments is repaired. It becomes harder for people outside the
sub-field in question to 'break into' the topic. 


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