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Dr. Hiranya S. Roychowdhury hroychow at nmsu.edu
Thu Jul 27 21:10:21 EST 2000

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At 01:25 PM 7/27/00 -0500, Dr. Robert Negm wrote:
>To whom it may concern,
>I have room for ONLY 30 more beta testers (see below). These slots are
>open on a first come first serve basis.
>Robert Negm, PhD
>Caesar Software, LLC
>PO Box 4394
>Portsmouth, NH    03802-4394
>Fax 603 436-7984
>negm at caesarsoftware.com
>Caesar Software is proud and excited to announce the beginning of beta
>testing for our new oligo analysis program, iOligo.
>As a beta tester we expect you to not only evaluate the usefulness and
>interface of the iOligo program but also test accuracy of its methods
>and calculations. In two weeks we will email you a brief survey with a
>list of questions regarding the beta testing of the program for you to
>fill out and email back to us. We expect to get meaningful feedback from
>you. In return, you will receive the full retail version for free when
>it becomes available shortly after the beta testing is complete. You may
>at anytime during this beta process send all questions and concerns to
>info at caesarsoftware.com.
>If we do not receive any useful input from you, then you will not get
>the full retail version.
>Thank you for helping us in our efforts to bring a new level of
>functionality and ease of use to people in the scientific community.
>Robert Negm, Ph.D.
>To participate in the beta go to
>Click on the either the Mac or Windows link to download the installer
>the beta version for the platform you will be using.
>You must have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer
>before running the iOligo installer. The Macintosh version (called MRJ)
>is available from http://www.apple.com/java/. For Windows the JRE is
>available at
>Install the Java Runtime Environment.
>Install the iOligo beta.
>Running iOligo
>On Mac: Open the iOligo folder and double click on the iOligo
>On Windows click on the iOligo shortcut (either in your Start menu or on
>your desktop)
>Once you have successfully started the program click on the Order button
>on the first screen. Fill out the order form completely. In the credit
>number field just type "BETA". Hit the send button.
>This will send us your information and we will email you a code number
>for your version of the program. This will probably happen overnight and
>you should have the code number the following morning. Until then you
>can try out the demo and take a look at the online user manual.
>When your code number arrives start the program and click on the Enter
>Code button. Enter the code number and hit Enter. You should now have
>the full version of the beta.
>IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a bug in the window’s installer that will not
>allow the program to see all versions of Java on your machine. The
>manufacturer knows about the problem and is working on a remedy. We hope
>it will be available for the
>final release of iOligo. If you click on the shortcut and it cannot find
>the JRE, then you will need to point it at the correct file. To do this,
>search for java.exe
>on your system. Point the short cut at it by right clicking on the
>and changing the path to the target to your java.exe file. You may also
>point to it by clicking on the shortcut and hitting the browse button.
>Then select the java.exe file.
>Many people are experiencing longer than usual download transfer times
>for iOligo from our web site due to a recent review in Science on our
>StrainMan program (SOFTWARE:  Manage Your Microbes, Frank Hoover,
>Science 2000 July 21; 289: 413 (in Tech.Sight)). Please be patient while
>waiting for the iOligo download to completely finish before trying to
>install the program. Our internet service provider is currently
>evaluating the problem.
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