Unix vs Linux - the movie.

Michael Schmitz schmitz at biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Sun Jul 23 13:58:06 EST 2000

"John S. J. Anderson" wrote:
> Michael> Thanks for wrapping this up; personally, I would have raised
> Michael> much the same points as John did (especially the support
> Michael> thing irked me - install support has been part of every boxed
> Michael> set Linux distribution for the past years). But I rather just
> Michael> use Linux than talk about it.
> Everybody has their thing, eh? The 'public domain' thing caught my
> eye straight-away. Probably been reading too many license flamewars on
> various lists.

Well, I've chalked that one up to the persistent confusion about Free,
Open and Public Domain software even in the trade press. And I've seen
way too many license flame wars that were carried out by everybody but
the real coders to even bother. I'm extremely pleased with EMBOSS using
GPL though - GCG going closed source was a sad day for me, and there's
been other unfortunate licensing decisions since. There will be Debian
packages of EMBOSS and RNAfold, there won't be packages for other stuff. 

> The guru thing is correctable; just keep using, and learning, and
> eventually you _will_ be a guru.

Yep, but someone's gotta have the time to spend on all this learning.
OTOH managing a commercial Unix system isn't all that much less learning
and tinkering. 


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