Python Module for sequence alignments.

felipe wettstein felipe at spin.ch
Thu Jul 20 19:45:24 EST 2000

hi alex

you wrote:
> Hi.  I made a python module that does simple sequence alignments.  If
> there is enough interest, I may make it a little more elaborate.  You
> can get it from
> http://puffin.lcs.mit.edu:8080/align.tgz
> To use it on linux
> tar zxf align.tgz
> cd align
> make
i tried this (and you will see in my question that i am a blody
beginner, but nevertheless, i ask you:)
bla: /align # make
gcc _alignmodule.c -c -o _alignmodule.o \
         I /usr/include/python1.5/ -I /user/include/python1.5/Numeric
_alignmodule.c:2 arrayobject.h: No such file or directory
make: *** [all] Error 1

what did i wrong? is my python not installed well? when it makes sense
to answer please do, whenn you would have to write me a whole manual,
forget it. thanks 


and then also my linux does not seem to understand what setenv means (i
thought it is kernel 2.2.14, suse6.4), and me i nether do understend.

have a good day


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