DNATools 5.1.709

Soeren W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Tue Jul 11 05:36:13 EST 2000

Dear DNATools user,

The latest upgrade of dnatools, 5.1.709  is compiled with the VB6-SP4
compiler which produces a smaller program file which in addition appears
to run somewhat faster. The new version is available for downloading on
the DNATools homepage either as a single large file or as five smaller

As nearly all oxc'es and dll's used by dnatools are upgraded, it is
necessary to uninstall your current copy of dnatools before you run the
new setup.

Note that there is a new upgrade of GeneDoc in case you are using this
program through dnatools. Look under useful links on the homepage for
the URL.

The recent upgrade of Clustal W +X (1.81) is included in the
auxiliary.zip file.

If your restriction enzyme data file is old, then go to ReBase (find the
link on the dnatools download page) for an update. Remember to convert
it before you use it in dnatools. Use the conversion program under the
Utilities menu.

Thanks to the help and comments from many patient users, this version
contains fewer bugs and some new facilities which are described on the



Dr. scient. Soeren W. Rasmussen
Carlsberg Laboratory, Department of Yeast Genetics
10 Gl. Carlsbergvej, DK-2500, Copenhagen, Denmark
phone: 45 3327 5230, mail: swr at crc.dk

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