GeneDoc NEWEST version 2.6 and website update.

Ketchup ketchup at cris.com
Wed Jul 5 17:55:59 EST 2000

Please be informed that GeneDoc version 2.6 has been released to a new


Please update any references you have to the GeneDoc homepage to be
that shown above.

This is the next major version update from version 2.5. The fixes and
additions are significant enough that everyone should update to this
version. Additions include Pairwise Alignment, backup files, and lots
of fixes.

I have decided to discontinue (semi) active development of GeneDoc. I
have made the source available under the GNU public general free
software license, as copyrighted freeware. It can be found on the new

Changes include:

* Fixed DDE abilities. 
* Added saving of backup files. 
* Several Fixes for corrupt files problem. 
* Added location number after sequence name. 
* Added reports showing shading locations. 
* Fixed bug in header for more than 256 sequences. 
* Fixed bug in header for more than 256 manual shadings or comments. 
* Changed composition report to not double count ambiguous codes. 
* Added feature for saving sequence orderings and sort by name. 
* Added a feature to rasmol scripts. 
* Added Report formating options. 
* Added PAIRWISE Alignment under Edit Menu. 
* Added Genbank file Import. 
* Fixed bug for file cannot be read after edited and saved. 
* Fixed up some translation problems. 
* Fixed bugs for crashing on larger files after edits. 
* Added Column Composition reports. 
* Fixed bug where editing a project created by edit/copy caused
* Fixed Bug causes crash when trying to do file/save as a project that
was created by importing


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