NETSCAPE is Y2K uncompliant!

Kunal Mukhopadhyay kunalm at iname.com
Fri Jan 28 18:59:28 EST 2000

Not that folks are unaware of the numerbale hang-ups with Netscape (like
crashing!) but it also turns out to be Y2K incompliant (or whatever you
may choose to call it!). Proof? Check out the attached HTML with a
Javascript that calculates the time left to Y_3_K. The box showing the
number of years left returns a value of 2899 (don't panic. Your computer
is not at fault, you may franctically hit the system menus to check
whether someone messed with the date/time settings, but be assured, it
isn't your PC at fault!). Now open the same HTML in IE5 and you'll
notice that the number of years shows correctly as 999.

Punchline? With all the hype of Y2K, it is a bummer that Netscape is
still living in the past.




He did not need man's testimony about man, for He knew what was in man.
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Kunal Mukhopadhyay

52, 152 Davey Lab,
Department Of Chemistry
Pennsylavania State University,
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