Latest SoftWare For P.C. & Apple Mac

J3 j3 at post.com
Thu Jan 27 17:38:46 EST 2000

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000 21:56:35 -0000, "SoftWarez Cafe"
<uik87g at writemail.com> wrote:

>Send an email with "THE LIST" in the subject line to
>auto.program.list at iname.com If not working send To uik87g at writemail.com
>"SoftWare For P.C And Apple Macintosh"
>...And we will send you a Full List with just about any Software package
>that's going.
>The software's supplied "strictly for backup purposes only" and is identical
>to the original master copy.
Can we say PIRATED!

All together now, P - I - R - A - T - E - D !

Good, now should I contact Mickey$oft or should you?


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