Protein Domain Workshop 2000

Alex Bateman agb at sanger.ac.uk
Wed Jan 26 11:48:27 EST 2000


The Protein Domain Workshop (PDW2000) is a practical workshop focused
on defining, discovering and using protein domain information.  The
course includes using Profile Hidden Markov Models to search for domains
in both protein and DNA.
For complete information and application details for PDW2000 see URL:


The course is designed for biologists and computer scientists who want
to extend their sequence analysis skills to cover domain hunting techniques.
These include 

    How to spot a domain from single sequence searches 
    How to find all the members and develop an effective multiple alignment 
    How to use the multiple alignment in profile-HMM searches 
    How to find domains in genomic DNA sequence 
    How to use the multiple alignment for secondary structure prediction etc. 

The course lasts three days. The morning is split into two seminars on the
theoretical and practical aspects of the problem. The afternoon is devoted
to a practical session, with two participants to a workstation to provide
hands on experience of using the programs. 

This workshop is jointly organised by Alex Bateman (Sanger Centre) and
Ewan Birney (EMBL-EBI).

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