Job Posting: Linux Applications Engineer at SGI

Haruna Cofer haruna at columbus.sgi.com
Mon Jan 24 16:36:12 EST 2000


SGI is looking to hire another engineer with a biology or chemistry
background, this time someone with expertise with Linux clusters.  I
personally think this would be a very cool job, building and delivering
Linux cluster solutions to SGI's chemical and pharmaceutical customers.

If you are interested (or if you know of anyone who may be interested),
please see the job description below.  Thanks!

-- Haruna :)


Reply Contact: Amy Krohn, krohna at sgi.com, 715-726-7081
Reference: Job# 40405


SGI is recruiting a lead technical individual to work with a
cross-functional team building LINUX solutions and services in 
the area of Pharmaceutical and Chemical information sciences. 
This program will build and deliver LINUX clusters for the Chemical,
Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Education industry to deploy a breadth 
of research applications including Bioinformatics, Chemistry, and 
Data-intensive codes.  This person will be responsible for scoping 
the technical limitations and strengths of these clusters for specific 
uses and help 'fit' cluster configurations to the needs of this


Perform technical pre-sales activities including benchmarks, proofs
of concept, needs assessments, demonstrations, proposals, presentations,
customer consultations in the areas of Chemistry, Pharmaceutical, and
Bioinformatics.  Design solutions in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical
market using SGI Linux clusters and other SGI products.

Education and/or Equivalent Experience:

Strong technical knowledge in Computational Chemistry, Biomedical, 
and Bioinformatics. MS or PhD in the above or related areas.  System
administration and code programming experience in a distributed cluster
environment.  Understand computer systems architecture and IO subsystem;
familiar with UNIX-type OS, Linux a plus; able to recommend, configure
influence customers; takes initiative to continuously update and
knowledge; project management skills, can size up problem quickly and
determines resources needed; ability to provide leadership; strong
communication skills, ability to articulate solutions for customers.

Unique Conditions:

Position requires up-to-date knowledge with new products and technology,
ability to work effectively in a team environment, excellent time 
management skills, and the ability to produce timely results in a 
fast-paced environment. Ability to multi -task, travel as appropriate,
flexibility in regards to hours worked needed.


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