Primer design software

Yoel Shiboleth amitg at ias.agri.gov.il
Thu Jan 20 10:12:18 EST 2000

I just checked the price of Oligo
It IS very expensive at 1200$, when you consider that it only does primer
design, which as you said can be done for free on the web.
What we're all waiting for is the no fiddle equivalent of the (non existant)
DNA strider for PC, translation and restriction on same window, Redasoft's
Plasmid graphics internet connectivity and price range, Amplify's (Macintosh
only) virtual PCR, GeneDoc's allignment editing, and Vector viewer's control
of sequence and graphics on the same screen. (No affiliation to any...).
pDraw 32 and DNAtools get an OK for some of their apps. too. There is no one
good integrated package as of today. Maybe someone can take the initiative
and compile all these nice little programs into one?

Does anybody actually buy the monstrously priced Vector NTI, DNA star etc.?
Yoel Shiboleth

Agnieszka Lichanska wrote:

> Hi Scott,
> I do not know if there is the best program, but I used to use Oligo 6.5
> in Brisbane and I am using it now as well. It is very good and as for
> commercial program not very expensive. It has a lot of nice functions if
> you want to have a look at it try their Demo from http://www.oligo.net/.
> I have also used MacVector but it is an expensive package and unless you
> are going to use its other features it is not the best choice. The
> primers designed by both are equally good.
> I also tried all sorts of free software on the web.
> Primer 3 from Whitehead Institute
> (http://www-genome.wi.mit.edu/cgi-bin/primer/primer3.cgi) is not bad,
> sometimes it might feel a bit unflexible but the new version is better.
> ANGIS should have a primer design software as well which would be free.
> They used to have the GCG package which comes with a primer design
> software called Primer. It is good if you have X-windows program to view
> the output.
> I suppose that the final decision on which software to use is depending
> on your needs.
> Happy priming,
> Agnes
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> "Scott J. Coutts" wrote:
> > Can anybody suggest some good primer design programs?
> > Is there a 'clearly the best' type program in this area?
> >
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