ANNOUNCE: Update to Jarnac (Metabolic Simulation)

Herbert M Sauro HSauro at fssc.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 20 18:33:23 EST 2000


There is a new version of Jarnac (the metabolic simulation package for Win
95/98/NT) available at


This is a significant upgrade to the previous version. The main improvement
is that Jarnac is now fully interactive so that it is possible to build a
model and interrogate the model interactively. There have been many other
changes and additional methods and properties. Jarnac is free but the author
full copyright and any commercial rights.

>From the web site:

"Jarnac is a language for describing and manipulating cellular system models
and can be used to describe metabolic, signal transduction and gene
networks, or in fact any physical system which can be described in terms of
a network and associated flows."

See the above link for more details.

Herbert Sauro

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