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Lou Main main at mainengineering.com
Sat Jan 15 03:49:15 EST 2000

If you own a nice auto or plan on buying one this year and want
to keep it, you need to read the following information, if not
please delete.

Main Engineering Corporation, a unique vehicle security
manufacturer with several patented systems to it's credit
advocating "total immobility", is presently launching their
newest product.

The HotSeat is the newest, most protective, completely automatic
anti-car jacking and security system to ever hit the market.  A
unique system providing maximum safety to the driver/owner and
promotes a "No High Speed Pursuit" scenario.  This alone saves
your customers and their insurance companies thousands of
dollars from property damage and bodily injury lawsuits.  Easy
to install, undetectable by the thief, impossible to shutdown
after the automatic timing sequence has started and convenience
for the customer.

Some Features of the HotSeat are:
*  Completely automatic, no driver intervention
*  Impossible to become part of any "High Speed Pursuit"
*  Provides a safety net for the victim
*  Vehicle - easy recovery - within sight
*  Inexpensive to own
*  Insurance savings
*  Also used as a security system
*  Provides a "No Start" alarm-siren with theft attempts
*  Undetectable by the thief
*  No false alarms to contend with
*  Cannot accidently activate system
*  Easy to install

Main Engineering is presently seeking individuals
that want to keep what they own.  We are setting up installation
facilities around the US and abroad that want to get in on the
ground floor of this new and exciting product.

If you would like more detailed information please go to our
website at http://www.mainengineering.com/index_1.htm or respond
by email to main at mainengineering.com.  You can also phone us
toll free at 877-748-5340.

We build only the finest security systems available anywhere,
we do not make alarms.

Thank you for the time you have given this information and we
hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,
Lou Main, CEO
Main Engineering Corporation

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