[Ann] GLMStat (Macintosh) generalized linear models software

Ken Beath kjbeath at kagi.com
Tue Jan 11 02:29:44 EST 2000

GLMStat is a Macintosh-based (NOTE: currently no Windows or UNIX
version) statistical program for analysing generalised linear
models. Features of GLMStat are

 - spreadsheet style data entry
 - factors may be represented as either integers or strings (categories)
 - Normal, Poisson, Binomial and Gamma models with appropriate links
and  specification of convergence and aliasing parameters
 - Scatter and Residual plots
 - Matrix scatterplots
 - Box and Whisker plots
 - Frequency distribution histograms
 - Descriptive statistics.
 - Output of deviance, parameter estimates, residuals and parameter
 - Saving of data files complete with all model specifications.
 - printing of data, graph and results.
 - Missing values
 - Online Help (under the apple menu) and a brief User Manual.
 - includes example data files for most examples in two of the texts.
 - Individual licences available for $US25. 10 User Site Licences
$US100. Site licences $US200. World site licence $US500. Payment in $US
through Kagi Shareware.
 - Registration includes free upgrades to version 6.x

Unregistered copies are fully functional except that Save and Save As
are disabled and there are
some limitations on usage.
GLMStat is available for download at info-mac archives or from
Ken Beath
kjbeath at kagi.com

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