ANN: Fermentor Control Software version 2.0

mhabio at my-deja.com mhabio at my-deja.com
Thu Jan 6 02:40:10 EST 2000

Version 2.0 of the Control Software for the BioStat Fermentors has been
released. (Freeware)

Version 2.0 has several new features like Timed Events and Profiles,
Fuzzy Logic Substrate Control, and Internet Client is available. Program
works with Biostat A, B, C, D, Micro-DCU, & DCU.

The BioStat control program collects process data and display them in a
graphical window. All process set points are controlled by graphical
sliders or by keyboard, and numerical displays show the current
settings. Intelligent control to master substrate addition is possible
with the fuzzy logic control module. Timed events/profiles can be
designed with the profile editor. Finally, a TCP/IP client makes it
possible to control the unit from any online computer in the world.

Please find more information and screen shots on the BioStat Control
Software homepage: http://imsb.au.dk/~mha/biohome.htm

Mikkel H. Andersen

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