ANN: Update to TreeEdit v1.0

Andrew Rambaut andrew.rambaut at zoo.ox.ac.uk
Fri Feb 25 07:14:22 EST 2000

I have just posted a new version of TreeEdit to my website:


It fixes numerous bugs and adds some new features.


TreeEdit is an application for organising, viewing and manipulating
sets of phylogenetic trees. It is intended as a tool for preparing sets
of trees for use in phylogenetics packages such as PAUP.


TreeEdit should run on any Apple PowerMacintosh computer with at least
the following specifications: 601 processor or better, System 8.0 or
later, 4MB of memory (on top of that used by the operating system).

Features (new in this version)

*  Edit branch lengths or node heights by double-clicking on a node or
taxon label. 
*  Generate random resolutions or random/all possible root positions
into new window or file. 
*  Read and write CAIC format trees (can't read CAIC branch length
files at the moment). 
*  The import and export of trees in a range of commonly used formats.
These include PHYLIP (NEWICK), NEXUS (PAUP and MacClade) formats. 
*  Full drag-and-drop of trees between windows, to the desktop as a
"clipping" or to text editors. In the case of the latter two options,
the trees are written as a NEXUS file. Hold down the Command Key to
drag and drop a tree. 
*  Cut and Pasting of trees between TreeEdit and text editors (again
the trees are written as a NEXUS file). They can be pasted directly
into PAUP. 
*  Root the tree by clicking on the branch (or node) on which you wish
the root to lie. Midpoint rooting is also available. 
*  Include and exclude taxa or clades. Excluded branches are drawn as
"greyed-out" or can be hidden altogether. Trees can be written without
the excluded taxa. 
*  Edit taxon labels. 
*  Rotate branch order at a node. 
*  Drag and drop editing of branches. 
*  Collapse branches to produce polytomies. 
*  Randomly resolve polytomies. 
*  A set of trees can be "linked" so that an operation done on one is
performed on all the others (if possible). This option is limited to a
few operations at present. 


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