CDS Extraction Tool

Keith James kdj at fes1.sanger.ac.uk
Thu Feb 24 11:57:41 EST 2000

>>>>> "Jeffrey" == "Jeffrey Conroy" <jconroy at eikos.com> writes:

    Jeffrey> Does anyone out there have a simple program or script for
    Jeffrey> extracting the CDS features from multiple GenBank files?
    Jeffrey> I have a need to generate separate files of the CDS
    Jeffrey> features from a database of annotated GB files.

As no one has replied yet, I'll offer as a second-best solution a
script which does this from annotated EMBL files. Of course, this is
only of use if EMBL equivalents to your files are available.

It's linked from my web page. It requires Bioperl and the prEMBL Perl
modules from the Sanger Centre FTP site.



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