Modified alert tool: WAS Literature alert tool

Nirav Merchant nirav at arl.arizona.edu_no_spam
Thu Feb 17 19:13:16 EST 2000

Greetings Folks,
   Based on feed back from Guenter and few other ... I have modified the
query field to be 255 characters long which is the maimum allowable under
Mysql [ after which I will have to make it a blob].
    I plan to change the code to correctly use the new Pubmed system in
the next 2 weeks.

Thanks for your feed back.


Guenter Resch wrote:

> Hi Nirav,
> Nirav Merchant (nirav at arl.arizona.edu_no_spam):
> > I wrote a similar tool a while back ..
> > .
> > http://bcf.arl.arizona.edu/query/
> nice to meet you again... I signed in for this service today and it
> looks pretty good: easy to operate, convenient option fields, ... Now
> I'm waiting for the first notifications.
> The only thing I don't like is the *very* limited length of the query
> strings - about 80 characters, I guess. I usually use far more
> complicated queries with lots of synonymes, logical operators and so
> on - and most of them simply don't fit in there.
> Though I think to know your problem - limited space in the database -
> I would suggest to give the user a little more space.
> Cheers,
>         Guenter

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