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>> Hi,
>> I am a PhD student at the Technical University of Berlin.
>> We would like to track the deformation of a cylinder in a hydraulic
>> press.
>> The pictures then need to be analyzed in a manner giving the shape of
>> the bulge as a function of height.
>> So I am searching for a program that takes a picture format as an input
>> and either
>> - yields a table listing brightness for each picture pixel ( cylinder
>> will be
>>   illuminated with laser light from the other side of the specimen;
>> after-
>>   wards I could use another program to find a curve fit for the bulge
>> width
>>   as a function of height)
>> or
>> - is able to independently give the form of the bulge as a mathematical
>>   function ( perhaps after some 'training' ? )
>> Thanks a million,
>> Frank
You probably want a program that can take an image and convert it to a
PGM file format, for portable gray map. I believe Adobe Photoshop or
JASC Paint Shop Pro can do this.

Check out the "Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats" for details.
>From this source:

File Organization
The PBM, PGM, and PPM formats are designed to be as simple as
possible. Each starts out with a header, and the bitmap data follows
immediately after. The header is always written in ASCII, and data
items are separated by white space (blanks, tabs, carriage returns, or
linefeeds). The data portion of each file type can be written in
either ASCII or binary form.

Hope this helps.

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