Windows port of contig assembly program

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Thu Aug 31 12:14:31 EST 2000

>It's been ready for distribution at least 6 months (and was working OK well
>over a year ago), but I don't actually know whether it's being distributed!
>MRC does not wish us to distribute the Windows version ourselves, hence the
>long delay. It should be available from third party distributor(s) -
>only eBioInformatics.

Aha! Marketing Lawnmower mows the philosophical grass!!!! I am really
interested now in the *philosophy*. Could you point me towards some doc
about MRCs decision.

>(I think eBioInformatics are waiting for a link-up with their bionavigator
>before they distribute the Windows release, but that's not an authorative
>answer - I try to keep out of the "distribution" side of things as there's
>usually too many legal and political issues for my liking. I looked at
>web site and I couldn't see any mention of our software.)

Reminds me of **Data General** and making of **Eagle**. And **Tom West** has
no other option but to stick to company decision!!! :-)

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