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Andrew Dalke dalke at acm.org
Tue Aug 29 20:45:13 EST 2000

>Richard P. Grant  wrote:
>> PLEASE!  Keep them to bionet.jobs.offered  !

Rich Cooper replied:
>Lots of software engineers with medical backgrounds are looking
>for bioinformatics openings.  "Bionet.jobs.offered" is not oriented toward
>software, but toward biology.  That's why these jobs are posted here on
>"bionet.software", hence the name of the newsgroup.

No, it isn't.  The appropriate place is bionet.jobs.offered.  See
the FAQ at http://www.bio.net/docs/biosci.FAQ.html where it says:

] EMPLOYMENT/bionet.jobs is to be used for the posting of job openings
] in the biological sciences or professional level jobs that support
] the work of biological scientists (such as for computer/systems
] programming/support).

That last part ("or professional level jobs...") specifically argues
against your claim.

The same page also says:

] BIO-SOFTWARE: Intended for discussions about software in the biological
] sciences. There are other Usenet newsgroups and mailing lists for
] questions about word processors, etc., i.e., for general purpose
] software. BIO-SOFTWARE is intended for discussions about software for
] biologists.

So Richard Grant is correct - keep jobs postings to the right forum,
which isn't bionet.software.

Plus, of Robert Hale's 10 posts, 4 were for the position JO# 13070RJS,
and 2 more for JO# 12858RJS.  The only difference is the title line.
To me this indicates either poor skills (for needlessly duplicating work),
laziness (for not checking up on the acceptable use policy before hand),
poor netiquete (for deliberately oversending and to the wrong newsgroup),
dismissiveness (knowing any negative response is well worth the $15-20K
fee he'll get for locating someone) or plain ignorance of the situation.

] BIOSCI will takes steps to terminate network access to any reader who
] willfully violates our commercial use policies.

                    Andrew Dalke
                    dalke at acm.org

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