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Robert Hartley rh at mblab.gla.ac.uk
Sun Aug 27 13:28:44 EST 2000

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> Hi, I'm going to make some bio presentations by powerpoint. Who can
> recommend some software that can help me draw illustrative pictures,
> such as cultured cell, petri dish, tubes, protein complexes, etc.?
> Somebody told me about Corel Draw. Do you have any more ideas?

I havn't used Corel draw but I have used Artworks for RISC OS. Artworks
was the original drawing programme from computer concepts back in '92 that
is now Corel Draw/Xara. I think that the PC version has now cought up to
the standard that RISC OS had in about '96 so this shoud be OK.

You could try NIH Image or SCION Image for the artwork if it is a simple
drawing. These are freeware. :-)

If the artwork is complex then read below. 

I don't know if Windows (I'm assuming you have a windows machine since you
never quoted the platforn) has full antialaising fonts to the standard
that RISC OS 
had in 1992 so I would do the drawings in a vector drawing package and not
in a bitmap based one. EG; I have OHP2 ( a display programme)for RISC OS
but have to use a Mac G3 notebook and powerpoint for presentations,
however I prepare all the graphics in Artworks, Photodesk or DRAW then
export to the Mac and PPT in JPEG 100% (well 99% really).

The morral is:- Use a professional (not nessesarily commercial) package
for the artwork and preferably a system with antialaising of fonts. On
another point WRT PPT and printing to acetates. Beware of assuming a CMYK
print correlates with true colours to the RGB display of your monitor. 

This is why I use a computer with RGB display for presentations. For
acetates I am switching to the Vantage package for artwork which makes use
of ink simulation. see URL

Bob (really a RISC OS user with an Intel StrongARM based RiscPC)

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