Automating Batch Printing of electropherograms from ABIfiles-How to do it?

Michael Schmitz schmitz at biophys.uni-duesseldorf.de
Mon Aug 21 13:43:02 EST 2000

Patrick Chapman wrote:
> We have a 377 sequencer supported by a Macintosh running MacOS 8.1 using ABIPrism Sequence Analysis software 3.4.
> Presently we use the Sequence Analysis software to print electropherograms to a network printer.
> My main goal is to capture to Postscript files to reduce demands on the Mac and to be able to modify the files prior to printing
> I have tried netatalk on a Linux box but sending anything to the printer give a error 12 and crashes the system.

Anything in the system log on the Linux box to help there? Can other
MacOS apps print to the netatalk printer? Can other Macs print to the
netatalk queue? (If not: Has the PPD file been converted mac2unix?)

Not that capturing the files via netatalk makes your job much easier -
you'd still need to find a meaningful identifier in the lpr arguments to
create your unique file names from. 


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