Update to Jarnac - Metabolic Simulation software

Herbert M Sauro hsauro at cds.calxxxtech.edu
Sun Aug 13 22:36:52 EST 2000

There is a new release of Jarnac, version 1.17a (Metabolic simulation

IMPORTANT: The web site hosting Jarnac and other items related to
Computational Biochemistry has changed. The new site is now at:


If there are any problems with this new site, please inform me at:

hsauro at cds.caltech.edu

Changes to the latest release include:

1. Added Solve function for solving sets of non-linear equations
2. New keywords in network declarations to include compartments (vol, in)
3. Added AsMoles and AsMolarity properties to network object
4. New style installer
5. Metatool support failed in certain cases in version 1.16. Many thanks to
Frank Bruggeman for spotting this problem.
6. Implemented Compartmentation
7. Update to docs and Help file.

There is no charge for the use of this software.

Herbert Sauro

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