open-source software for bioinformatics

Korbinian Strimmer strimmer at ermine.ox.ac.uk
Thu Aug 10 13:33:20 EST 2000

On 10 Aug 2000, Sean Eddy wrote:

> Actually I think that's a Good Thing. Supporting and documenting
> software properly is clearly a commercial activity. I think there's a
> reasonable niche market for software companies that repackage and
> support open source bioinformatics packages in robust, user-friendly
> ways.

Yes, I agree there is demand for these activities which clearly are
best dealt with in a commercial setting (i.e. financed by private money).  

On the contrary, the research that lead to the raw, unsupported piece of
software/database etc. was most likely funded by public money, and as such
it should be shared freely.


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