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Tim Cutts <timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:

> large monolithic routines of unclear function

As a complete aside, the above would make a *stellar* band name.

> If software is not clearly written enough to allow a newcomer to that
> code to grasp what's going on, then the chances are higher that there
> are implementation errors or other bugs; that's the nature of software
> development.

And, of course, the knowledge that someone from outside your group is
going to be looking at your code focuses your mind tremendously. One
of the key coins in scientific circles is reputation; we need to
ensure that code release and, more importantly, code readability are
important contributors to this.

> This is a major argument in favour of open source software.  I like
> PowerPC hardware, and Linux.  If I could get source code for all my
> software, I'd have no qualms about running LinuxPPC on PowerMacs.

LinuxPPC is how I got into this game, 'bout two years ago. If I hadn't
had access to that, it would have been much harder to get going, and I
probably wouldn't have ended up where I am today.


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