Merging blast output files

Bob Friedman friedmar at biol.sc.edu
Wed Apr 26 09:41:27 EST 2000

The program MSPCrunch may do what you want.  However, if the blast searching
is also batched, you can specify the e-value cutoffs in the blast client,
blastcl3 or blastall.  In the scenario that you want to update the e-value
for the updated search, well, this value should be accurate given the search
space and lengths of the sequences; the computed e-value doesn't need to be

"Gary Williams"
> Has anyone got a good way of taking two blast output files (e.g.  one
> from a search done on the previous release of the full Genbank/EMBL and
> the second one from a search of the updated entries in the latest
> release) and merging them so that the statistics (especially E value)
> are updated accordingly.

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