Biocomputing course

Heather Vincent mqbsshmv at fs1.scg.man.ac.uk
Wed Apr 26 08:13:22 EST 2000

Computational Biology, or Biocomputing, is concerned with the
development of methods to enable the efficient storage, retrieval and
processing of biological data.  This web-based course from the
University of Manchester is designed to provide the biologist with the
necessary background in computer science.  It will cover:

1. The UNIX operating system
2. Basics of the World Wide Web and HTML
3. The Common Gateway Interface and Perl
4. Designing an information system
5. Structured Query Language
6. Database Integration

The aim, through the introduction of this wide range of topics, is to
develop a breadth of understanding.  It is a fast-paced course and we
recommend that participants should have some previous programming
experience, preferably in C. Those completing the module will be
eligible for the award of credits towards the MSc degree in
Bioinformatics.  Registration forms are available from the course site

The course will begin on 5 June 2000.  The deadline for receipt of
completed registration forms is 19 May 2000.  The module fee for
1999/2000 is £450.

Further information on Distance Learning in Bioinformatics is available
from Heather.Vincent at man.ac.uk, or from


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